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I had the amazing opportunity to play the leading role in Annie alongside the original Annie, Andrea McArdle as my Miss Hannigan.



Los Angeles Broadway World; The main success of Annie is in it’s star; if you don’t have an Annie that can act and sing, you don’t have a show. Luckily, MTW’s Annie – MelodyHollis – is dynamically dependable. Like McArdle – who was a sensation – Hollis has a belting voice and a sweet, caring demeanor which puts her Annie among the top of the crop.


Backstage West; Twelve-year-old Melody Hollis, as the plucky title orphan, wins us over from the outset with her powerful delivery of the rueful ballad “Maybe”.  This pint-sized belter truthfully conveys an astonishing range of emotions. Her pairing with the superb Jeff Austin as Oliver Warbucks evokes great warmth, laughter, and an occasional tear.


BroadwayWorld; …this happy little musical tells the story of Annie ( played here by the talented Melody Hollis). As Annie, 12-year-old Hollis does a great job tickling our funnybones while simultaneously pulling our heartstrings. She delivers an excellent rendering of the title role, and does so with confident, powerful vocals. This show truly belongs to this little gal.


StageScene LA; The Long Beach productions stars twelve-year-old Broadway vet Melody Hollis in the title role. As Annie, the utterly winning Hollis is perky, spunky perfection, and the preteen has a voice and a half.