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White Christmas

I played the role of Susan Waverly for 3 years in a row and originated the role on Broadway. It took until the 3rd year for me to fit into the costume shoes!



Broadway World; Even in a show that wants to take no chances,you need surprises. And that’s the value of 10-year-old Melody Hollis, who plays General Waverly’s granddaughter Susan. Hollis sweetly struts, charms, andimpressively belts her way through a role that in other hands could easilybecome the saccharine bane of cynical theatregoers everywhere.  Hollis is remarkable unaffected and honestfor her – or any – age, finding virtue and newness in gags and aww-elicitingmoments that would have been pushing the envelope in the 1950’s. But Hollisnever lets slip any hint of discouragement or, worse irony; she’s a refreshingbreath of the future.


NY1 Theatre Review; A special mention goes out to the tiny Melody Hollis with the big voice as thegeneral’s granddaughter, Susan.  She’s atalented tyke


Edge; .. and 10-year-old MelodyHollis in her Broadway debut as the scene-stealing precocious SusanWaverly.


USA Today; The general even has an angelic granddaughter playedby the very capable Melody Hollis,who sings a sassy reprise of “Let Me Sing and I’m Happy”.